TRASLANZAS is the name of a vineyard estate situated in the municipal district of Mucientes (Valladolid) which falls within the Cigales Appelation. The vineyard produces tempranillo grapes, known as Tinto del País in the Cigales region. The vines were first planted in 1945 by Maria Pinacho's grandfather Aurelio.




The vineyard nestles in a hollow between two adjoining hills and spreads across a gentle south-easterly facing slope, which is just under 800 metres above sea level.The climate in the area is described as continental with an Atlantic influence and has great variations in temperature. The winters are cold and dry and in general the spring and summer are dry and very hot. In September (a key month for ripening) rainfall is usually scarce and there is a sharp difference between the temperatures during the day and night. These factors result in excellent phenolic ripening.



Hours of sunshine: 2.600 h/ year

Rainfall: 400 mm.  93 days/year

Average annual temperature : 12,2° C

Temperature ranging: from 39º to a low -6° C



The TRASLANZAS vines are grown in it's single vineyard, which covers an area of three hectares.Several unique factors contribute to the quality of production and combine to afford the wine a range of exceptional sensory characteristics. These factors include; the maturity of the vines set amongst an exceptional Castilla estate; the traditional method of cultivation, goblet style; a production of less than one kilogram of grapes per bunch ensuring quality rather than quantity; and a wine-making process that respects the characteristics of the grape.

From a geomorphologic perspective, the soil and ground conditions date back to the Miocene era, i.e. between 25 and 10 million years ago. The soil is made up from sediment deposited during the fourth period of the tertiary era and contains sand, limestone and clay.


In addition, the abundance of boulders on the ground’s surface act to reflect the sun’s rays towards the lower parts of the vines, which would otherwise receive less sun.




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